August 29, 2008

Friday night blues...

I so hoped I would get the call on my holidays. But it looks like I will be getting it one day while I'm at work, oh well. I just hope I can skip out of teaching and leave early!

I hope I don't have too many more Friday's like this. This part of the waiting game is so draining. Always hopeful until the clock hits the closing time of your agency... and then the disappointment sets in. Of course this is followed by lots of logical thinking which soon loses out to the plain old emotion of "this sucks, I want to know my child's face now". Who cares about all the "it will happen when it's supposed to happen" stuff.

Here's a picture of something from last August long weekend that makes me smile. My niece's first trip to McDonald's.
My how she has grown! Don't worry we didn't actually feed her anything.

August 25, 2008

laminate floors and feeling calmer...

On Sunday Mike and I installed the floors together. The underlay was super easy and actually quite fun, the laminate a bit more tricky. I definitely don't think I could have done it without mike's genius cutting skills. I just can't visualize around a heat vent like he can. It turned out great and we love the colour of this floor. Now, for baseboards and some decorating. Yeah!!!
If you build it he will come.....

I bought some funky fabric and I plan to try and sew a banner.... stay tuned.

I'm feeling calmer today, not nearly as jumpy as last week. I'm back to my state of it will happen when it will happen and not really expecting it to be today. This feels a bit easier.

As for referral news.... congratulations to Jenny & Rob (from Mission, BC) who received the referral for beautiful Kalkidan. She is just gorgeous and has very kissable cheeks. Maybe one day we can have a play date!

August 21, 2008

progress on the baby's room.... and going insane

I finished painting the room, the colour is... well, not really a colour at all... it's called "French White". I'm going for a modern/neutral backdrop and eventually hope to use some bright red funky fabrics to decorate. I pulled off all the base boards today and started rolling up all the carpet. I got as far as the toilet, will have to wait for Mike to come home and move that out of my way. I'm exhausted now! If you can remember the before pictures (go to July 3rd ) you will know how much stuff I had to clear out of their just to start. I plan to install laminate floors myself. Eeek! I watched some how to videos online and it doesn't look too hard. We'll see! I love doing renos so I'm kind of excited for the challenge.

(our camera sucks, it doesn't really show the true colour at all... just think white/gray)

All I can think about the entire time I am doing all of this is when will we get the call. I feel like I am officially starting to lose my mind. I watched so many other people go through this last stage and now I know I am definitely in it.
I woke up yesterday morning to find out that the last couple (at least I think so) requesting either gender that are ahead of us got their referral for a baby boy! From then on I have been very jumpy and every time the phone rings I start shaking thinking this could be it! I wish I knew if it was going to be in a few days or a few weeks. I have no problem waiting a few more weeks, I just want to know which one it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know we are close, even Mike is starting to get anxious, so this must really mean something.

I know you are out there ________, we can't wait to see your face!

August 17, 2008

Officially 5 months!

Today marks the official wait of 5 months. Woohoo! I'm still feeling pretty good, haven't gone crazy yet. Although last night I did have a wee bit of a referral nightmare.... instead of sending me a photo they sent me a freaky looking plastic doll in the mail and said that that was my baby. I phoned the agency and requested some photos because it was too difficult to attach to a doll and I didn't think it would really prepare me for when we went to Ethiopia. So wierd! And I won't even tell you what the baby's name was. You might think I am really crazy then.

Yesterday I went and got the mail and received my August Secret Pal gift: a beautiful "Made in Ethiopia" t-shirt for our little boy, and an adorable adoption positive kids book (A Mother for Choco). I started crying while I was reading the story, it is so sweet. I just have to say that I love this adoption community. Everyone is so supportive and understanding. This Tuesday I am going to meet another person off my bloglist: Dianne! I'm really excited!!! Hopefully we like each other!

Thank you secret pal! I love love love my presents. You made my day!

oooh.... and more good news. I just checked our yahoo forum and there was a referral on Friday. In fact, since my last post there have been two baby girls referred to very excited parents. I'm starting to officially feel like I could get "the call". Eeek!!!

August 11, 2008


we're almost at five months. i don't have much to say other than i think our baby is waiting for us. i remember when we were quoted 3-5 months for a boy, and then told later 3-6. Part of me hopes it could be by the end of August. someone on our forum said they would be travelling in September and could take pictures or bring some care packages to kids that are referred and are at the transition house. For the first time, I could post and say "please take pictures of any of the new babies". I remember when others waiting at this point would ask for this sort of thing and part of me can't believe that we're at this point. Could she return with a photo that could have our son in it? so crazy to think about.

we are going to see his face.


One more referral came last Friday to Kevin & Leah... a beautiful 2.5 month old baby boy. Currently on my list, there is no one else specifically requesting a boy ahead of us.

I will leave you with some music:

August 6, 2008

Three more referrals!

Congratulations to Dianne & Chris who just accepted a referral for beautiful Hana Tewelda, born May 16 2008. I've seen the pictures and she is soooo adorable! Plus she is going to be a room-mate to our son so I know she is really cool! Dianne has promised me that she is going to show him the ropes when he arrives.

...and congratulations to John & Lesley who received a referral for a one year old boy named Tilahun and Barb & Dion who received a referral for a baby girl.

With so many referrals in less than two weeks my referral tracker is looking more and more like we could be getting our referral soon. Of course, we could always go through another month with no referrals but I feel peace right now about when it will happen. Surely something so important as having a child is in God's control. I know that there is a little boy that we are supposed to love and raise and I feel very happy to wait for him!

Oh and I survived my weekend at the camp. It was absolutely beautiful in 100 mile. It was so peaceful going horse back riding everyday; being out there put so many things into perspective for me. I even got to meet Justine who is traveling to Ethiopia in two weeks! Thanks for coming out to see me Justine, it was a nice break from screaming children.