April 29, 2016

We got THE CALL!

I still can't believe it happened.   Last week I got the call from our agency that we were matched.  I was in shock because it is April and I knew there were no matching meetings happening. I kept saying this can't be real, it's April!  But they assured me it was.  I literally was shaking!

Turns out those rainbows I saw on the day of the last matching meeting in March really were a sign after all!!!   I remember how strongly I felt that that was our meeting.   Well, it turns out our little boy was matched to another family at that meeting.  The details and pictures never did make it to them because when the agency called them to let them know they were matched they had to decline due to some personal circumstances.  I don't know anything more but our agency then told Lesotho that the family was no longer able to move forward and then they went back to the table and chose us!

"I am choosing to believe that the rainbow I saw that night was meant to encourage me to keep waiting a little bit longer."  

Our little boy will be named Solomon.  He is only 8 months old right now!  We hope to travel and bring him home in 4-6 months.

The kids are thrilled and can't wait to welcome him into the family.

I'll post more later and perhaps his photo once I know we have passed court and he is officially "ours".