February 25, 2010


This video had me crying and then at the end when I realized it was supporting Ethiopia, I shed even more tears!!!

Wish I could've been a part of this.... check out their website when you are finished watching the video and see if you want to donate!

In other news, it was a year ago today we arrived home with Moses! He just had his 18 month doctor's appointment today and he is doing really well. He weighs 25 pounds although most days it feels like 40. He's talking so much and will basically repeat every word you say to him if you ask him to. He can now answer how are you with "I'm good". And most days he wakes up from his naps singing "EIEIO" or another one of his favourite songs "twinkle twinkle" or "bubble bubble pop pop pop". It's pretty cute. I love listening to him sing. He just mastered the summersault (sp??) this week and he is still obsessively climbing everything in sight. If I leave him a lone for 30 seconds he'll be on top of the piano. The very top. He's my little climber and screamer. He definitely tests my patience some days! But we love him so so much.

February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's!

I can remember how excited we were to bring Moses "home" on Valentine's day. He was ours and we were suddenly parents. I remember having a moment of panic after we played with him for a couple hours that day in our room and then Mike and I looked at each other like, "now what?".

He has changed so much in the past year. He is not a little baby anymore. Today we were treated to lots of kisses and he is even getting pretty good at saying "I love you."

We celebrated by getting Moses a balloon and going out for breakfast. Moses LOVES balloons and starts screaming 'balloon' if he sees one anywhere. If there is a book with a picture of a balloon in it we have to look at that page a million times.
It's too cute. So today he has his own balloon. He was also spoiled by his auntie and uncle and cousin Z. He is a very loved little boy. And tonight he's having a date with grandma : )

Oh how we love our little man!
Happy Family Day!

February 13, 2010

One year ago today

We saw your face for the first time. You made us a family and our lives have been fuller and more meaningful ever since.

You were more beautiful than we ever could've imagined.

It was such an amazing day being able to finally hold you. You fell asleep on your dad. You looked at us with big eyes filled with wonder. Who are these people? You were very quiet and didn't make a sound.

Today you are our loud and wild little boy. We love you so much and are so thankful to be your parents.

February 7, 2010

I can't cut this thread.

If you stayed at the Weygoss I am sure you will know what this thread is from.

I'm currently working on a photo book of our trip to Ethiopia. We're almost at our one year anniversary of being a family and I STILL haven't developed the pictures. I know, I'm horrible. I'm doing an ibook and it is taking me forever to choose and sort through all the pictures. And seriously, all it is making me want to do right now is hop on a plane and go back. I miss it like I can't even explain. I think that traveling somewhere during one of the most amazing experiences of your life (becoming parents) somehow heightens everything. I no longer remember the hard stuff, like the sore back from the uncomfortable beds, and the warmish showers, or the horrible altitude sickness I had basically the entire time.

I miss the coffee, I miss the breakfast at Weygoss, I miss the girls at the front desk, I miss the friendliness of the people, I miss Cloud 9, I miss the smells as you walk down the street. I miss packing our bag up for the day and heading out. I miss crashing back in your room at night and ordering in from Blue Sky/Sky Blue (I never could get it straight). I miss Miranda. I miss Solomon and Yehuala.

And it makes me desperately want to be able to adopt from Ethiopia again, but I'm so sad to think that we may never may be able to afford it.

But we will be back. We definitely will be back to Addis one day. I can't wait to show Moses where he was born. He has so much to be proud of.