October 14, 2016


So sorry for not updating sooner.  I've done the classic adoption blogger move and not updated upon arriving home.  Life of course has been a whole lot busier lately!

Here's a picture of our beautiful boy celebrating his 1st birthday at home in Canada!  We were so fortunate to have him home for this big day and to celebrate just the other week when he took his first steps.

And here is one of our first family photos of us as a family of FIVE.  This was taken at our favourite French cafe we visited often in Lesotho (hello good coffee and crepes!).  We ended up staying at Lancer's Inn right in the middle of city centre which we loved.  It reminded me a lot of Addis Ababa.  There were a couple restaurants in the same complex that we could walk to or pick up food from and bring back to our rooms.  I would highly recommend this place for families that will travel in the future.  We traveled in the winter and it got to be -3 at night and very very cold.  Buildings aren't insulated like they are here in Canada so you really feel the cold there.  We tried to stay at another place in a more remote location but just couldn't tough it out!  Way too cold for me!

I will try to post more later but I just wanted to give a quick update.  Solomon has fit right into our family and we are all adjusting well.  The trip was challenging but good.  Flying that long (30 hours) with young kids is something I don't think I ever want to do again!!!  Of course it was all worth the stress in the end.  Our kids have embraced their little brother and our family finally feels complete.


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