November 18, 2009

wordless wednesday

November 4, 2009


We've definitely enjoyed our fall with Moses. His first halloween was so much fun. He's at such a great age, ooohing and aahhing over every lit pumpkin or saying his new favourite word....."wow".

Now we are gearing up for a new season. My maternity leave (I still call it that) is over. I'm so sad! My stay at home mom pay-cheque is gone!!! Boo. I made the decision to look for a new job and not return to my old teacing position although I did love it. It felt SO strange going into a job interview. I felt like I had forgotten how to speak like a teacher! I'm now going to be teaching an evening ESL class to new Canadian immigrants. I'm pretty excited but not sure how I'm going to balance everything. My husband has started his own business since I've been on mat leave and so our lives have become pretty crazy. I'm just thankful I will still have my mornings and days with mose.

my little man on his way to thanksgiving dinner.

The cousins in their halloween outfits courtesy of Grandma!


always running.

Our little monkey.