December 27, 2007


I really want to see this movie..... from what I hear the trailer doesn't do it justice but the movie is amazingly good. It's about a young girl who gets pregnant and decides to place her child for adoption.

December 22, 2007


We have finally finished all of our homestudy meetings and are now waiting for our social worker to finish typing up our report. It feels good to have this part done. It was pretty intensive but was honestly a great experience overall.

In other news, Canada has just put a new law into effect (Bill C-14) as of December 23rd. This law was made in an attempt to bring adopted children home sooner to their parents. So far the government has released only a small amount of information on their website, but it sounds positive. A lot of adoptive parents are skeptical though, since Canadian time lines are SO much longer than American timelines and A LOT needs to be done to be on par with the US.

Here's a quote from the news release that explains a bit of what this new law is hoping to do. On Monday we are supposed to find out more details. Even if it means we can bring our son home 4 weeks sooner we will be happy.

"Under the current system, a Canadian adopting a child born abroad must first apply to sponsor the child to come to Canada, then seek a permanent resident visa, then apply for citizenship. Now, Canadians will apply for their adopted child’s citizenship abroad rather than submit sponsorship and permanent resident applications. Parents will save time and have less paperwork as the steps are merged into one. Once the child has Canadian citizenship, the parent will be able to apply for a Canadian passport through the appropriate Canadian government office outside Canada."

Merry Christmas

December 6, 2007

Good news and Bad news

The good news is I just had my one-on-one with the social worker tonight and it looks lke we will be able to get our visits finished before Christmas! I'm really happy about this. After we are finished all of our meetings, our social worker will type up our report and then there is a bunch of signing and reviewing until it is complete and ready to be sent to Kidslink with our dossier. Plus we have to receive our letter of approval.

Now for the bad news. It looks like our dream of having our baby home by next Christmas is gone. We just got an email from Kidslink today that told us of all the changes to the Ethiopian adoption timelines. Ethiopia is becoming so popular (for a variety of reasons) and a whole bunch of red tape and bureaucracy is slowing the process down by A LOT. I will post more on specific timelines later when I get more information about them ( I know people keeping asking for this). But right now it looks like the time from referral to travel is so long I don't even know how I am going to be able to handle it! Plus, the likelihood of us bringing home our son before his first birthday is also very small. I can't believe that I actually thought I would be able to detach myself from parts of this process so that the "wait wouldn't feel so long." Yeah right! It's all I can think about.