June 30, 2011

Confession Thursday....

because Friday is a stat : )

I confess that I never really appreciated alcohol fully until I had two kids.

I confess that this week has felt very hectic and I have enjoyed many a glass of wine at night.

I confess that I cried during the Bachelorette this week.

I confess that I am still struggling with PPD.  Although I went off my anti-depressants and felt great... I can see things now from a different perspective and I know that in the last few weeks I am still not myself.  I don't think I need to go back on them but I do know that I need to take care of myself for the sake of my sanity and my families.  This time my PPD doesn't feel like depression it feels like living in a constant state of anger.  This is not me!  I wish I could snap out of it but something will set me off and I just can't....

I confess that that crazy thing my husband was trying to convince me to has happened.  We are selling our house!  eek!

I confess that I fully realize making a large decision like this and inviting more stress into my life may sounds really insane but I do believe it is the right one for our family (and my sister and her family who be living in our basement suite!!!).

I confess that one of the biggest factors in me agreeing to move was the promise of a hot tub for my back!  I dream of sitting in a hot tub at the end of a long day........ aah.......

I confess that I am going to be partying up Canada Day with Charlotte Diamond (hopefully if my back lasts that long) and I'm kind of excited to see her in concert again.

Happy Canada Day to my lovely readers!

June 16, 2011

i love this

...being able to put both my kids in the same sleepers!  Some of the sleepers i had for moses were pretty gender neutral so I have been able to put Holly in them now that she is basically the age Moses was when we met him.

So cute to see how they each look in them!  Moses really enjoys looking at these pictures as well : )  And it is so crazy to see how chubby he used to be!!!

And also very bizarre to imagine what it would be like if Holly suddenly left our family and was raised by someone else in an entirely new country.  I remember how alarmed Moses looked the day he woke up in our guest room and kept looking around the room for something familiar.  I'll never forget that look on his face.  His eyes just kept darting around the room.  Where am I?  Who are you?  Slowly he learned to trust us and he learned our faces.  Although we were very fortunate to meet him when he was just under 6 months, it is still very crazy to think now of Holly having to suddenly learn a new routine.  Puts things into perspective!

June 6, 2011

a random vent!

Ever since we have had a biological child we get all kinds of interesting comments.  Initially when I was pregnant it was the "Oh wow, you mean you CAN have kids".  Now, I am asked almost daily if I would have another baby (biological) and I always say no.  As this is the truth.  Of course, immediately people do not believe me and they start this thing where they try to convince me to have another.

I find this so strange.  They usually go on and on about how beautiful Holly is... "but look at her, she's so cute....".  As if these superficial things matter in family planning!  And sometimes it bothers me that they don't consider encouraging us to adopt again and so I usually respond with, "Look at him, why wouldn't we adopt again?"  

Hello????  Adopting is just as much a miracle and an amazing experience as having a biological child!  I've been through both and I feel no different towards Holly than Moses.   I'm sure people are not implying this.  It's just that they seem to get really excited about people with growing bellies and really weird around people who take out large lines of credit so that they can adopt!

Of course, if you really knew me you would know that the pregnancy has wreaked havoc on my body and there is no way my husband and I would ever consider getting pregnant again.  So sorry.  If we want to expand our family we will adopt : )  

I guess I just think it would be awesome if more people in the world encouraged adoption.  Just like when we announced our adoption plans and we heard a few sighs of disappointment, I still feel like a lot of people would prefer if people just had bio children.  Not sure why... and of course it isn't even an option for a lot of people!

So there is my little vent.  Just thought I would start typing today and see what came out.  Any thoughts?  Am I crazy or reading into this?

and because no post is complete without a picture, here is my sweet little thumb-sucker!

June 3, 2011

Run for Water 2011

So here is our new family pic at this year's run for water  This time Holly is out of the womb and chillin' in her stroller!  Woohoo!

The race was very successful this year and raised $203,000.  Moses' fundraising raised $725.  We were very close to our goal!  So many people are going to receive clean drinking water in Bonke, Ethiopia.

   My mom was a volunteer at the race.

              And sweet Holly was very exhausted from her 5k walk in the stroller.