May 26, 2011

This year's Run for Water!

For the past few years we've supported our town's Run for Water fundraising event which supports the development organization Hope International in its efforts to bring clean water to Ethiopia.

(Two years ago, Moses' first Run for Water!)

(Last year, so nauseous..... pregnant with what we now know is our sweet Holly)

This year we decided to do not only the 5k walk on May 29th, but also fundraise extra funds!   We set our goal at $1000 and so far we have officially raised $510 from our family and friends.  I'm SO pleased!

I know there are a bunch of fundraisers always being blogged about in the adoption blog world for Ethiopia, but if you feel like supporting another one I promise you that this one is a good one!  The organization puts almost all of its funds to the actual cause and not wasteful administrative fees.  The wells they build are gravity fed and require almost no maintenance.

Clean water is a human right!!!!!!  Not only are you bringing the people of Ethiopia health by your donation, you are also bringing safety, education, and hope!

Here's our webpage if you want to support us in our efforts.

 Every little bit helps!  Thank you SO much!

May 6, 2011

Confession Friday (the evening edition)

I confess that I am not really looking forward to mother's day.  I just feel like the day involves more work and stress than most days and shouldn't mother's day be LESS stressful?  Stress increases my back pain and I just hope that my day doesn't suck!  So yeah, not really excited for it.  Plus, why does mother's day have to be on a Sunday?  I think it should be on a Saturday, especially when both of your mother's go to church and live in town.  Makes celebrating difficult!

I confess that I just ordered a bunch of books off amazon that should hopefully help strengthen my marriage to my very much ADD husband.  I love him dearly, but but sometimes it can be challenging living someone who is constantly distracted or zoned out.  I'm very excited to read these two books:

(If anyone else has or is married to someone with ADD I'd love to hear any other good book recommendations!)

I confess that my husband is trying to convince me to do something insane and I might actually agree to it.

I confess that I put Moses on a time out in his room today without thinking that my husband had just touched up some of the paint on his wall.  Thank goodness I realized something was wrong when it was quiet (he's NEVER quiet unless he's getting into mischief).  And the damage had just gotten onto his hands.  Few!

I confess that I am SO happy to read that Ashleigh just got her referral today and it brought tears to my eyes as I reminisced how amazing it was to get the call about our sweet Moses!  Makes me also have a sneaking suspicion that Claire's call is coming soon.......  I really hope so!

I confess that I am horribly inconsistent with Moses, something I said I would never be.  woops.

I confess that I am counting down the minutes till bedtime right now.  And dreaming of having a hot bath... but wishing I actually had a soaker tub and not a lame shallow one.