February 16, 2011

Mother And Child

*This trailer gives lots away, so only watch a bit if you don't want to have the whole thing pretty much ruined!

Mike and I both watched this movie and loved it.  It did take me a bit to get into it because one of the story lines was pretty cliche and the dialogue was just bad, but.......  I still say it is worth watching!  By the end I was crying and so glad I watched the whole film.  It has had me thinking of Moses' birth mom all week.

How often does she think of him?  We so wish we could have met her but sadly it didn't work out.

I remember when we first went to our adoption seminar over three years ago we were so nervous about an open adoption.  By the end of the seminar and learning more we were okay with it.  Now, we desperately wish we had it!  It feels so wrong to know nothing about where our son came from.  Yes, he came from Ethiopia.  But imagine adopting a child from Canada and only being able to teach him about Canadian culture, and nothing about his birth family.  I just wish I knew more about his birth parents.  
It is so sad that she has no idea of all the amazing things he does and says everyday.  

Now when we talk about adopting again we really hope we can have an open adoption.  We know it isn't always possible but if we were to do a domestic adoption or an adoption from the US, we hope it can be open.  No matter how messy or hard it might be.  

Anyways, watch this movie and let me know what you think.  It's not exactly "accurate" in terms of adoption in regards to how things are really done in a domestic adoption (even in the US), but it speaks beautifully of the love of a mother for her child.  

February 11, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess that its been another long day and another long week and I can't believe it's already Friday!

I confess that I never bathe Holly.  Is this bad?  And this doesn't mean that Mike does either.  I think she's had two baths in her life!  Other than that, I just wipe the puke out of her hair.

I confess that Moses has watched way too much TV this week.

I confess that I am finding being a mother to two to be more difficult than I ever could have imagined.

I confess that I find myself feeling jealous of my husband and all the freedom he still has.

Hm... that's all.

Must sleep.

February 4, 2011

My first Friday confessional...

So I think I am going to join the band-wagon of these Friday confessionals.  They are now my favourite posts to read from all the adoption and mothering blogs out there.  I think it is because they are usually the most honest.  It also seems like an easy way for me to get back into blogging with using point form!

So here goes...

I confess that after a very long day yesterday my sweet husband brought me home a booster juice and I added an ounce of gin to it.  yum.

I confess that I haven't blogged in awhile because yes I am tired, and yes I have no time, but mainly because I kept thinking I had to blog my "birth story" and I just don't want to think about it.  Sad but true.  I'm just happy to have my daughter but can't say I have any good memories of the hospital/surgery experience (thanks to a horrible nurse and the fact that I have a tolerance to morphine).

I confess that the c-section recovery has been way harder than I ever could've imagined and I am secretly angry/jealous at all the women who told me how easy there's was.  I guess I should've known considering the state I was in before surgery.

I confess that I have the best sister and mother ever and I'm so glad my sweet daughter's middle names are after them.  I could not have survived the past 10 months without their help.

I confess that I have turned into the uptight mother I never wanted to be.

I confess that I am watching this season of the Bachelor even though it is probably the lamest one yet.  I still love it.

I confess that despite how hard and overwhelming this transition into mother of two has been, mike and I have already talked about adopting again.  And he brought it up!  Woohoo!  It won't be for a long time though : )

I confess that I really need to get a new blog and blog title and still can't come up with one!  I wish someone would just design one that perfectly suits me.