January 20, 2010

caring for the orphan

The truth is, before the earthquake hit Haiti, children were already sleeping in the streets. Children were scared and lonely and wondering where their next meal would come from. And now this earthquake has made the weakest, the most fragile so much more vulnerable that we can't even begin to imagine. The attention that the media is now placing on showing this vulnerable population will hopefully encourage all of us to do something both now (send money) and in the long-term future.

I keep thinking of what I would have done if this happened in Addis while Moses was in the transition home and I can't even imagine how heart-wrenching it would be to. Friends of ours are adopting a 3 year old boy from Haiti. Miraculously they found out after the earthquake that their court case went through the morning OF the earthquake and their file was safe. But they are still waiting to know how and when they will be able to bring him home.

In the US, Pennsylvania made a bold move and managed to get over 50 children who are being adopted out of Haiti. This video clip has some cheesy background music but it is still worth the watch. Just seeing images of kids without shoes, or that little boy in a house coat at the end?! It just breaks my heart. But they are being united with their soon to be families! From what I understand the Haitian and American government have allowed them to leave Haiti and finish their adoption process while living in the US. Amazing.

If I wasn't passionate about being an advocate for adoption before this horrible disaster, I am even more so now.

Children need families. Children need homes. I know in the adoption world we don't like to talk about how adopting a child is saving their life. I get that.

But when I see what is going on in Haiti I realize that sometimes adoption is saving a life. Literally.

January 11, 2010

Christmas photos!

Okay so I have finally had a chance to sit down and post pictures of our first Christmas with Moses. It was so much fun! Seriously, Christmas is just way better when you have kids. We had a wonderful day with family and loved watching Moses open his presents : )

We had an early Christmas celebration at my in-laws. Where Moses got his very first tricycle! He LOVES it.

We went to church Christmas eve. We were asked to do the reading and light the Christ candle. Afterwards, we had a relaxing evening at home. Grandma came over and read The Night Before Christmas.

Santa brought Mosey his very own Iggle Piggle. He loves the show In the Night Garden! We got him the DVD too. I can't believe I am actually encouraging him to get into it, but it is probably the only 30 minutes in the day where he sits still.

His Auntie and Uncle spoiled him with his very own glow-worm. He loves it and can sing ALL of the songs. He also got his very own Starbucks cup! Since he always screams for his own if I am drinking out of one.

We went to my mom's for dinner and she surprised the cousins with their very own house! Can you tell my mom has worked in preschools or day-cares for 25 years??? lol.

I love this picture! They have the exact same expression here. Sometimes I can't believe how similar they can look (and of course they are dressed alike which was honestly Mike's doing!).

On January 7th we celebrated our Ethiopian Orthodox Christmas with my first attempt at making Ethiopian food. It was a lot of work but I'm glad I did it. I started earlier in the week, buying the spices, and making Berbere. Then on the day of I made the injera while Mosey napped and the other dishes while he was screaming away as usual in the kitchen. The food tasted great, made me miss Ethiopia so much! The injera was okay. Definitely more like a whole-wheat pancake (I didn't have Teff flour) than injera but it was still good!

So yes, we had a wonderful Christmas. We are just so happy to have Moses in our lives. Lately, I could just cry when I look at him. I always heard people talk about this when you have kids but you just can't believe it until you do. You really do love them so much that it physically hurts.

Happy New Years everyone!
Much love to you and yours.