February 27, 2008

Paper baby is going to Ottawa!

I just got the best email today saying that all of our paperwork looks "wonderful" and my caseworker even thanked me for the care I put into it! Woohoo! I am so relieved. I was really worrying last night that I would get an email telling me I had to re-do something.

First stop Foreign Affairs.

Then the Ethiopian Embassy (according to google images this is actually it).

And then..... Ethiopia!

For those of you wondering, once our dossier gets to Ethiopia we will be put on a waitlist for a baby boy under 6 months of age. The current wait times are estimated at 3-5 months. A month ago it was 2-4 months so this IS subject to change. A year ago it was a few weeks! But these wait times are a good thing because it means that more children are being adopted and not living on the street or in an institution. So, in 3-5 months we will receive a phone call and an email with pictures and a medical history on our son! Then we wait for a court date to make him legally ours (another 2-3 months).

February 20, 2008

Our dossier has left the province of BC!

.....and is now making its way to Ontario!!!!

I can't believe how impatient I became in this short wait of people emailing and things being forgotten..... ugh. I think I may have officially become the impatient crazed adoptive parent that I swore I wouldn't be! It just seems you can't avoid it. Too much is at stake! Your first child's due date is somehow something you CAN control and yet completely have NO control over at the same time.

Anyways, today I am feeling a lot better. Our file is on the move. God willing things will go smoothly and there won't be any bizarre hold ups.

February 11, 2008

The Breedlove's meet Nathan!

I have been faithfully following this blog for a while now and I am just SO happy that the Breedlove family are meeting their sweet Nathan right now in Addis. Amy is posting on her blog about their trip and I highly recommend visiting it and congratulating them.


February 7, 2008

We finally signed off on our homestudy!!!!

Yeah! Even though we finished our homestudy visits in December its taken awhile for it to be reviewed and what have you.
So tonight I am very happy to finally say that Mike and I met with our SW and signed it. We're officially done our homestudy!!!

We also finished collecting and notarizing all of our dossier documents and have sent it off to our agency to process...

I liked this picture as it really captured the spirit in which we completed all of our paper-chasing.

Yeah right!

I will keep you all posted on our travelling "paper baby" as it nears the African continent...