July 31, 2010


Moses is getting so big. I'm getting used to saying he's almost two now, so hopefully it won't be too crazy to all of a sudden tell people I have a two year old! He is talking so much more and so much clearer. It's amazing how fun it is to be able to actually communicate with your child! I can ask him a question and he will tell me an answer.   I especially love that he can tell me what he would like to eat. And that he now says "I love you" out of his own initiative!  Yeah!!!  He's also counting to ten and doing all sorts of other amazing things of which I will spare you : )

But here are some pictures to prove just how grown up he is:

He went on his first ferry boat ride.

He's becoming a very skilled climber.

Thanks to a gift from a friend, he went to his very first concert!
And of course he brought along his first love,  Hannah.


Thanks for all of your kind words from my last post, and the
one before that too!  It has meant SO much to me.

July 15, 2010

Our news!

Well, I figure I should inform our amazing adoption community of our latest family news! I've already told the facebook world so I guess that means it is "official" now.

I'm pregnant. Baby is due January 9th!

Honestly, I am much more nervous about announcing it here because I know that so many of my readers (and even close friends) have struggled with infertility and have or are going through crazy long waits to be able to adopt their children. And so I know that it will be hard for some of you to perhaps read this and I totally get that. And because I am probably asked at least 10 times a day now that I tell people I am pregnant, I will just say that no I have not struggled with infertility. I am very blessed. My husband and I actually chose to start our family first through adoption and now we are going the old fashioned route to grow our family. But hopefully we will be able to complete more adoptions if we can one day find the funds and the right program for our family.

So there you have it. I am both excited and terrified of what is in store for me and mostly my aching back. I've struggled with chronic back pain for a long time and so I am quite worried about what this might do... but there is only one way to find out!

I'll end with some Mosey cuteness.

(okay, blogger wouldn't let me... sorry. I have millions of new photos and just no time or energy)