March 7, 2010


I feel like I should post but I don't have much to say...

Wait, I do! Congratulations to Hazel and her daughter Biset who have arrived home from Ethiopia! It is always so heart-warming to follow someone's adoption process and FINALLY see it be completed with a happy ending. Congrats Hazel!

Okay, here are some random updates if anyone is reading this:

-We finished our last post-placement report with our social worker. Woohoo! And although she is a very nice women I am so relieved and happy for it to be done. We did have a good conversation about adopting again and she gave us a lot of useful information which was good. We've been doing a lot of researching lately but no one told me I would have to re-do my entire homestudy and education requirement if we are to adopt from the ministry. Hm.... interesting. And I believe this is only a rule in BC.

-I FINALLY received a letter in the mail from CIC after applying for Moses' Canadian citizenship. I had sent in Part 1 of his application probably 8 months or so ago. And I just received a letter that stated "We are informing you that we have received your application and will now look over it and let you know if we need any additional documentation." Great. So for all I know I have forgotten something and I will find out about it now. It then went on to say that they estimate it will take 12-15 months to complete his application. Wow, good thing we don't have any money to travel anywhere outside of Canada!

-For Mosey's 18 month birthday I bought him a potty! I'm only "introducing" it right now as he is not exactly ready for potty-training yet. But he understands what it is all for and proudly tries to pee each morning! Then he precedes to pee on the floor or in the shower. This potty is a basketball that has a fake flusher that cheers for you! He loves basketball so hopefully this will encourage things....

On his way to "gym and sing"

Being "gentle" with the cat.