February 9, 2016

The wait continues

Well we are still here waiting.  Lately all I can think of is adoption.  I went from doing quite well with the wait the first year, to not so well.  It'll be two years this May that our dossier will have been in Lesotho.  I'm honestly getting worried about the program.  I think that if more matches were happening even if they weren't for us, I would feel better.  But the fact that so few are being matched (two last year) makes me think that it will never happen and that Lesotho will shut down.

Someone I know just returned from Lesotho.  They brought their kids back to see the country where they were born.  She told me not to give up because there were SO many kids that they saw in orphanages.  Currently Beautiful Gate is maxed out at 72.  But sadly I doubt many of these kids are deemed "adoptable" by the government.  And the one's that are..... I am losing hope that anyone will do the work it takes to get the paperwork.  The only reason our agency is giving us for the longer wait is missing paperwork.  It's not that there aren't kids who need homes.

As you might notice I'm sounding rather negative about it all.  Just being honest.

I feel like I need to know soon if Lesotho is going to work out or not.   The next matching meeting is supposed to be in March but I haven't heard a confirmed date yet.

I know I have readers from Sweden and the Netherlands.... I would love to hear from you if you have anything to add to this.  What are your agencies telling you?