November 5, 2014


Wow, this is a very overdue update.  As you probably guessed we were not matched at the last matching meeting that was held during all the political unrest.  Surprisingly, no Canadian families were matched that time.  I'm not sure if this has happened before but only families from the other three countries were chosen.  We just received news last week that another matching meeting has been set!

November 28th!  So, we have a new date in our hearts and minds.  New hope.

On my birthday a couple weeks ago I woke up and turned my computer on and saw an update on the Beautiful Gate Facebook page welcoming one month old boy girl twins!  My heart literally leaped.  I immediately asked God, "Is this my birthday gift from you?  Seeing a picture of my future son and daughter?!"

I'm only writing this down on here in some bizarre for me act of faith in the hopes that if it is to be true I will be able to go back and read this blog entry and remember!!!

Oh those babies were so precious sleeping side by side in their cribs…

In reality, I don't even know if those two are adoptable.  And if they are, Lesotho has a 5 month policy where the orphanage must search for birth family and make sure no one else from their family could come forward and raise them.  I think this policy is actually quite amazing and even though it means we wouldn't be matched for a long time I am somehow okay with it all.

Okay, back to reality.  I promise to update again soon!