May 3, 2013

On being shy

there is nothing wrong with being shy

or attached.

In fact, research shows that the more attached a child is to their parent the better off they will be for the rest of their lives.  THE REST OF THEIR LIVES PEOPLE.  This is big.

I could insert a whole bunch of quotes from attachment researchers to back this up but I'm too lazy.  Just go read Gordon Neufeld if you are curious.

But I will say that I am so tired lately of feeling that disapproving look when people see that my daughter won't go to them.  Or that she let's us know by crying (very loudly) that she is uncomfortable in a situation.

I am glad she does this.  She trusts us enough to let us know.

And if she is shy for years to come, that is great too.  Because it is who she is.
If you want to know her you have to work for a relationship.

But it will be worth it, trust me.

Do you have a shy child?  How do people treat him or her?