April 15, 2010

i have no title

So I am totally losing the blogging motivation! I'm not sure if I just need to have a blog makeover (actually that would be a definite yes, this green is getting very old) or what it is, but I have had no idea what to post about lately. I don't even feel motivated to go on and on about how amazing our sweet little man is! Part of it is just that I feel sad. A few months ago I posted about how a good friend of mine lost her baby full term. Well, just last week another friend of mind went through the same thing. I was at a funeral last week with a small wooden coffin. I can't get the image out of my mind. My heart breaks for my friend and her family as they grieve their sweet son.

When you hear news like this it makes you stop and remember how fragile life is. It makes me want to enjoy every moment I have with my son. It doesn't make me want to blog. It makes me feel guilty for spending too much time on facebook and blogs when I should be playing with my boy! Lately, I have been taking extra time to enjoy little moments with him. Instead of just quickly taking him out of his car-seat and on to the next errand I will stop in the back-seat of the car and just chill with him for a bit. I love it! I think I have become better at not running around and being crazy busy since becoming a mom. Which may sound strange. Although my life feels just as busy it is a new busy and a much better one. The thought of anything happening to Moses is unthinkable. Since becoming a mother I am so much more sensitive now. I used to be able to watch really dark movies with a story-line that involves kidnapping or someone's child being killed. Now, I can't. Although, it effected me before it is just so much more real now.

Wow, I wasn't planning on posting any of this! Just started typing.....

Anyways, today with the news of a wonderful couple getting a referral, and the news that Rana & Yvan FINALLY have a court date booked after waiting 9 months.... I am feeling very happy! Oh and I am anxiously awaiting for Laura to get her referral. It has to be soon!!! As much as I haven't been into personally blogging lately, I LOVE to follow the families that for many started their journey to adoption long before us. Crazy, hey? My heart still breaks for A & C who have had an entire year pass after their referral and are still not any closer to bringing their son home. I also feel so sad for Alyssia who found out that the birth mom who chose them has changed her mind after her baby boy was born. Adoption is crazy. Some people's journeys are fast and others are long emotional roller-coasters. There is no rhyme or reason. It just is. But I'm pretty sure that all of them at the end would do it all over again!

Okay, I"ll leave you with a few newer photo of Moses. Isn't he looking so handsome?

(Waiting to meet his Great Grandma & Grampa for the first time! We were SO lucky to have them visit us!)