August 26, 2009

One year old!

Happy Birthday Moses! We love you so much. You are the best thing to ever happen to us.

mama and papa

(More pictures and an update to follow.... once again I feel so behind on blogging. As you can see he is now a walking boy. So we have been very busy! But tonight we are out for Ethiopian food to celebrate his first birthday! I can't wait to see moses eat his first piece of injera.)

August 9, 2009

officially Moses!

That's right.... after being home almost 6 MONTHS (crazy!!!) I finally finished filling out the name-change forms, and after making a mistake and having it sent back to me (no surprise)..... it is official.

Our sweet little Samuel Michael Krabbendam is now legally Moses Samuel Meseret Krabbendam. Wow, we really did give him a long name!

Now to get his care card fixed, apply for a SIN number, and most importantly fill out those citizenship forms.

Did I mention how much I HATE government paper-work? I can interpret every question in a variety of ways. I am already stumped on part one. Ugh.

August 2, 2009

11 months old!?!

First off, a lot has been going on since IA went bankrupt. And thankfully a lot of GOOD things have been happening (I'm not going to go into all the horrible things that are being revealed about the director and what she did with the money... it makes me too angry).
Just yesterday the bankruptcy group met with a hundred families and everyone voted to help take Imagine out of bankruptcy. I'm not very good at explaining all of this but basically they are going to put forth a plan and hopefully the Ontario ministry will pass it and adoptions will continue. Donations have been given and even companies that were owed money have said that they would rather lose that money and help families be united with their children. How amazing is that?

And now for an update on our little Moses.

Hm... well, he is not so little anymore. I was going to do a 10 month post but he is now already 11 months and we are starting to plan his first birthday party. CRAZY!!! Time has flown by. He's so close to walking right now and has started doing all sorts of fun new tricks:

-waving hello and good-bye
-blowing kisses
-standing and playing with a toy at the same time
-signing "more" for food
-screaming at the top of his lungs
-climbing stairs
-and my favourite, his funny face where he shows us his teeth! Don't have a good picture of that one yet.
-oh, and last night he successfuly ate his own popsicle all by himself.

(going for a walk at some trails in Mission)

Mike's parents just bought a boat and we all went crab fishing!
Here is Moses very unimpressed with his infant life-jacket! But he did very well on the boat. He even fell asleep wearing it at one point.

This is his wave : )

The weather has been insanely hot here so we have been doing everything we can to stay cool. Including swimming at my friend Jana's beautiful pool.

She introduced him to his first dill pickle which he of course LOVED.

Going to a lake with papa (mike insists on being called papa and not dada)

Thank goodness for this ladybug thing. It is SO nice to have!

...I want to end by saying a big congratulations to Rana and Yvan on the referral of a beautiful six month old baby boy. After waiting 20 grueling months they are now on the journey to bringing home their son! I'm so happy for you guys! They are with CAFAC and you can read their adorable and funny referral story at their blog.