January 25, 2015

No match

Well, we finally got word that we were not matched on the December 12th meeting.  It was a lot of weeks of waiting and thinking and I even started what felt like nesting at one point!

At first the meeting was scheduled for December  5th.  The night before a matching meeting has you checking what the current time in Lesotho is and basically falling asleep praying for the meeting as you know it will be happening sometime while you sleep!  Then come the days of waiting to hear the news.

But unfortunately we got the email that the meeting didn't happen at all because of paperwork!   I pretty  much expect stuff like this to happen but it is still disappointing every time.

After that, we have received word that things in the passport office (where they also print out birth certificates) were moving again and the meeting was to be held on the 12th.    Well, only one match was made out of all four countries/four agencies, and that match went to someone from our agency.  I believe it was for a single child.

So there you have it!  If adoptions continue to move at this slow of a rate (one match per meeting) it will be years before we bring home another child!!!

The next meeting is scheduled for the end of March......

So thankful for a trip to Hawaii to celebrate our 10 year anniversary after Christmas!  
Definitely helps time fly by.