April 28, 2011

Where's my sweet little boy?

Seriously, something has happened to my sweet little Moses!  I've heard people talk about a switch that goes off and suddenly your child has a new dimension to their personality.  And wow is it true!  In the last two weeks Moses has started showing us his attitude.  And his constant desire to protest EVERYTHING and just let us know what he doesn't like.

I honestly find it quite funny, but it is also quite exhausting and frustrating.

Here's some of his fun new phrases that he loves to tell us:

"I don't want to"  (this can be for anything, including things he loves)
"You're driving me nuts" (Yes, it's true.... he learned that from me saying it to him..... mother fail)
"this is stupid"  (grr.....)
"I hate _____"  (I feel like my mother now, always telling him that hate is a strong word and we don't say it in our house)
"I hate you mommy"  (He does this for a reaction of course, he comes up to me and whispers this in my ear with a huge grin on his face.... he used to whisper I love you but he's discovered this is quite fun)
"I'm frustrated"
"I'm not very good" (This means he's not feeling very good about something we've asked him to do... I think!)

And here is he.  Our sweet and very much 2.5 year old Moses!

Can someone tell me if I will ever be able to leave Moses unattended without him destroying something in our house?  It feels like that day will never come!!!!!!!!!!

April 8, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess.... that I love the smell of breastmilk poo.  I find it super comforting and love taking a deep breath of it when I'm changing Holly!

I confess.... that I am loving my baby girl more now that she's getting older!  She just started to laugh the other day : )

I confess... that I watched a couple episodes of "Extreme Couponing" on TLC and found it really intriguing.  I suddenly want to become a crazy coupon person and pay nothing for my groceries.  I have a feeling this is only possible in the states though.  And like I can even go grocery shopping and push a cart!

I confess... that I love the new Britney Spears single.

I confess.... that I just started watching the show Arrested Development and can't believe I never watched it before.  This show is AMAZING.  It has to be the best comedy I have EVER WATCHED ON TV.  Seriously.  It beats the Office.

I confess... that I love my chiropractor.  Chiro days are becoming my best days.  I so wish I could afford to go every day.

April 4, 2011

no one said it would be easy...

lately I keep hearing the sheryl crow song, "no one said it would be easy.... but no one said it would be this hard" in my head.  Seems to sum up motherhood and my life so perfectly right now.

do you remember how great the album Tuesday Night Music Club was???  I need to start listening to that one again.

so what do you think of my quick easy fix to my ugly blog problem?  i am hoping this motivates me to post more!  my plan was always to publish and print my blog first (before I go and change it) as a way for Moses to see what all was a part of our adoption journey.  But really, do you think my hyper crazy little boy is ever going to want to read all my emotional adoption posts when he grows up?  Well, if he does he can go online and read it right???  And if he doesn't that is fine too!  But for now this blog is changing...